What to expect from your house cleaner

Before you hire a cleaner

So you have decided to hire a house cleaner to take away that chore we all loathe to do or you want a once over spring clean for that perfect drone photography shoot for the real estate agent listing. But you can’t just hire anyone to come into your home and clean, you need to know a few tips that we suggest you ask about before allowing a stranger into your castle.

  • Check that the business is legit. Does the website show the required information for a business. For example the business registration number or business address checks out correctly.
  • Does the company state that they police check all their cleaners before employing them.
  • Do they have references or reviews on their business that are good quality and show positive customer service.

Confirm your cleaning requirements

Now that you have found your preferred cleaning company, make sure you agree on the time and cost of your clean. Be very clear on what you need done and have some sort of a budget that you want to work to. Some cleaning businesses have a set rate they will work per hour or they will complete certain jobs for a certain sized home. So you need to decide if you just get a cleaner for say 2 hours and pay the hourly rate or have specific tasks such as vacuum and mop 3 bedroom house and clean 1 bathroom may have a set total rate they can complete for you.

Some cleaners will bring their own equipment or you can provide the products for them. If you have allergies, then always provide your own tested and trusted products. Try and  make sure you are home when they come the first few times, this is where you can see the quality of the work, how fast they complete the tasks and if you are getting your monies worth.

After the house clean is completed

Check the cleaners work and make sure you are happy before they even leave the premises. This is the time to point out any additional requirements or if you need more or less time. Be polite and courteous to your domestic helper as they are their to provide you with the best possible service they can offer. Having an upset or angry cleaner won’t help you getting the best out of your cleaning service.

If everything is great then now is the time to schedule your next clean and you can focus on having more time to complete or achieve other things besides boring old house work.